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Classes Suspended
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New Class
Session November - January 2019
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Classes Suspended

Due to Government guidelines,it is now necessary to suspend our Pilates classes. It's a difficult time for all but I do hope you will continue with your pilates at home to keep the benefits going.  Please stay well and follow all Government advice on protecting yourself and your families. Remember, mental health is equally important and daily walks are still recommended.  I also have my guitar tuned and my Italian books at the ready.  I do hope it won't be too long until we are all back to moaning about the plank etc but, in the meantime, we have our Whats App chat groups to keep in touch.

New Class

Delighted to announce our new afternoon class on a Thursday at 1.30pm

New Class

I am delighted to announce there will be an additional class starting on  Monday 11th November at 5.30pm in Suite 5, Sovereign House, Irvine.

Session November - January 2019

Session dates:
14th/15th November - 16th/17th January 2019.
Please note there will be no classes 26th/27th December or 2nd/3rd January.

10 Minute Daily Session

Many of you who attend Pilates with Theresa have asked for a 10 minute session that can be done between classes on a daily basis.  I would recommend the following to be done daily or at least 3 times per week. Please note that this recommendation is only for those clients who attend Pilates with Theresa and already know the basic safety measures required to carry out any form of exercise.
1.  Correct alignment
2.  The Roll Down
3.  The One Hundred
4.  Side Lying leg lengthen and lift (8 lifts with 8 pulses to finish)


Keep neck longHow many of us are spending our days with our shoulders up around our ears?  Let's take a hint from the giraffe and let that habit go.
Sit up straight on your chair
  1. Let the top of your head reach up toward the ceiling
  2. Inhale - Shrug your shoulders towards your ears
  3. Exhale and release your shoulders - melt your shoulder blades down your back as your head floats towards the ceiling
  4. Repeat 3 times
  5. Now take a moment to let your shoulders continue to relax as you breathe deeply. Feel your sit bones reaching down toward the floor, and the top of your head floating up to the sky.
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