Pilates with Theresa -
"I was quite sceptical about whether Pilates would really ease my back pain but am so glad I tried it. 
 At first I was  bit (well very) wary but Theresa is always so encouraging and now I surprise myself 
doing exercises I never thought I’d be able to manage". 
Rachel Turnbull, Class Participant, Irvine
"I look forward to attending the class, after a stressful day at work - what a pleasurable way to unwind and improve deportment and overall muscle tone, at the same time.  A great deal of encouragement is given throughout the session - I would highly recommend it".
Louise Redpath, Class Participant, Kilwinning

Before I found this class I suffered severe back-pain, but now, with my rediscovered posture awareness I can walk tall and feel so so much fitter in body and mind. My shape has changed, my breathing is better.......There is a long list!! Pilates- Wow.-I’m a true convert. This is for everyone- Thanks Theresa”.   Sheena Bowman.

Pilates both during my pregnancy and throughout labour made such a difference to me!  It helped me keep active, reduced my back pain and gave me some great exercises which helped keep my mind of the pain of labour!!   Barbara (Harry's Mummy).
Physiotherapy Recommendation:
Marress Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic
BasixGym, Crossfit Scotland
Contact Fiona Holliman BSc MCSP or Joyce Finnigan BSc MCSP
on:  07796 951 604
e: marressphysio@gmail.com

Theresa Holliman 07817 693 067
REP Level 3 Pilates Teacher - Fitpro Member
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