Pilates with Theresa -
Theresa is based in Irvine, Ayrshire and holds classes locally.  Private tuition is also offered in clients' own homes within Ayrshire
St Mary's Church Hall
West Road,Irvine KA12 8RE
WEDNESDAY at 6.00 pm  and  7.10 pm

THURSDAYat 1.30pm and 5.30 pm

As a Level 3 Pilates Teacher, I  offer professional pilates matwork tuition both on an individual basis and as part of a mixed level class. 
Pre/Post Natal
Since gaining the VTCT qualification in Ante and Post natal exercise, I now include pregnant clients within the class and run a class exclusively for pre/post natal.  Individual tuition is also available.  All exercises are slow and controlled with an emphasis on supporting the back, using core muscles.  Everyone works at their own individual level with modifications for any complications/problems. 
For further information on Pre/Post natal classes, please contact Theresa using the form in the "Contact us" page.
Who can benefit from Pilates?
Because the exercises are non-impact, Pilates accommodates all body types and fitness levels.  It works to balance all of the body's muscle groups, relieving tension in over-worked muscles, improving posture and creating mind-body awareness.  Pilates is good for:
1.  Creating flat abdominals
2.  Toning
3.  Flexibility, alignment and
     strength without bulk
4.  Relief from back, neck and
5.  Enhanced sports performance
6.  Improved posture
7.  Relief from arthritic and 
8.  Injury rehabilitation and  
9.  Pre/Post natal
Everyone is encouraged to work at their own pace and within their own ability.  As you build strength and flexibility you will challenge yourself in a way that will lengthen your muscles and strengthen your core. Correct alignment and improved posture will help ease aches and pains whilst making you look taller and leaner!
One to One Sessions
Tailored to your individual needs, in the privacy of your own home, 1:1 sessions can help achieve all of the above. Whether it's recovering from injury, helping in pain management/mobility or toning up for that special occasion, Pilates could be your first step forward to achieving your goal.
Theresa Holliman 07817 693 067
REP Level 3 Pilates Teacher - Fitpro Member
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